We help people to accumulate wealth

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Protect, Save, Invest

Your road to financial freedom

With our platform and our expertise we can help you protect, manage and grow your wealth over time.


The first step is to make sure your assets and your health are adequately protected. This includes choosing the right insurance, setting up an emergency fund and planning for your retirement

We put our experience and our technology at your disposal to protect you and your loved ones from life's unexpected events

  • Size your emergency account and build it with the best products on the market
  • Find out what kind of insurance you need
  • Choose the best available solutions
  • Keep the costs, conditions and deadlines of your insurance under control
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The second step is to change the way you manage your finances in order to reduce unnecessary expenses and increase your ability to save

Connect your bank accounts

Connect all your bank accounts and view all your transactions in one platform

Analyze your expenses

Track your spending habits and get tips to save more

Add spending limits

Add spending limits for each category and receive notifications when you're about to reach them


The third step is to invest your money in order to grow your net worth over time. Your savings, invested in a well-diversified portfolio, can ensure extraordinary returns in the long run. This chart shows the trend of the net worth of a person who saves 300€ a month

We will help you to invest

We will help you to invest but we won't be your financial advisor. We will be your allies on the road towards independence and financial freedom. Try this simulator and understand why you should become autonomous.

Move the slider to simulate your yields with different investment options

Your net worth after 40 years
With your bank's financial advisor
With an independent financial advisor
By yourself with the support of Financedrip

Principles that guide us

Before joining us, be sure to share the principles that have guided the building of our company

Invest wherever you want

We don't force you to go to a certain restaurant, so you can choose the one you prefer

Like a friend who invites you to dinner but leaves you free to choose the restaurant, our service teaches you how to invest and leaves you the freedom to choose the bank and broker you prefer.

You pay a fixed price

We don't ask you for a percentage on the petrol, so we have no interest in letting you do more km than necessary

Like a dealer who earns a percentage on the sale of gasoline, a financial advisor who earns a percentage of your investment may have an interest in making you invest more than necessary to increase his income.

Become independent

We don't give you the answer but we teach you how to think, so you'll be independent forever

Like by learning to think critically you can effectively deal with life's problems and challenges, by learning how to invest you can develop the skills to analyze the markets and make informed investment decisions.

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Some of the features included in our free plan

  • Monitoring of 1 portfolio
  • Rebalancing tools
  • Access to base Personal Finance course
  • Unlimited watchlists
  • Backtest without limits
  • Access to our community

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